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G&T Camp

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29 Aug to 2 Sep 2022

WELCOME to our G & T Camp page!

At G+T Camp Year 5 & 6 students are given the opportunity to express themselves in their chosen mediums, whether through words, music, mathematics, or creative arts. They have opportunities to collaborate and share their ideas with peers and have exposure to a range of experiences through exciting Seminars and Master Classes in a week full of discovery and learning.


Here you will find links to all the online forms and documentation that we will be sharing with you over the coming months.

Document A: List of Master Classes & Seminars - NOTE: UPDATED 24 MAY 2022

Welcome Letter & Schedule of Documentation

Form 1: Preference of Student Numbers (for your school)
DUE: Friday 11 March

Form 2: Applicant Name List
DUE: Friday 1 April 

Document B:  AGH Camp Risk Assessment & Covid Safety Plan 

Document C: Notification of Final Allocations - As per UPDATED Document A

Form 3: Master Class and Seminar Details and Resources
DUE: Friday 29 April

Form 4: Course Risk Assessment Form
Please provide your own RA form and return via email to admin@hices.nsw.edu.au
NOW DUE: Friday 27 May

Form 5: Attending Staff
DUE: Friday 29 April 

Form 6: Student Course Selections
NOW DUE: Friday 3 June

Form 7: Parent Consent Form
NOW DUE: Friday 17 June

ICAS Maths participant details - Form here

Form 9: Student Code of Conduct
Please keep a completed copy of this form for each student at your school.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact:
Caroline O'Brien - HICES Executive Officer - G & T Camp Support Coordinator