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Deputies Network
Senior executive staff, Heads of School, Director of Studies etc are welcome to attend
Contact -  Allan Guihot (a.guihot@scas.nsw.edu.au)


Pastoral Care Network
Pastoral leaders in schools.
Contact - Liam Toland (l.toland@wac.nsw.edu.au)


Primary Sports Association
Contact - Nigel Cockington (ncockington@bmgs.nsw.edu.au)

Current Events


31 Jan 2021 to 31 Dec 2021
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Older Events

Maths Day

Sunday, 31st January 2021

NB: Cancelled for 2021

An excellent day of challenge and opportunity for our brightest Maths students.

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Leadership Day

Tuesday, 23rd February 2021

NB: Cancelled for 2021

Year 6 students.

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Primary Swimming

Monday, 8th March 2021

Primary Swimming Competition

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Primary Athletics

Monday, 26th July 2021
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HICES Music Festival

15 Aug 2021 to 18 Aug 2021

NB: Cancelled for 2021

The HICES Music Festival is an established camp and concert program that annually brings together over 400 musicians from across HICES schools in New South Wales. Students work with experienced music staff and conductors at The Tops Conference Centre in Stanwell Tops, and prepare for the Festival Concert. The Festival Concert is held on the last night in Sydney Town Hall.

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G&T Camp

23 Aug 2021 to 27 Aug 2021

Yrs 5-6 Students

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