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Girls and boys interact with each other as contemporaries in all aspects of everyday school life. In doing so, they build a sound platform for personal growth, peer connectedness, relationships with others and the development of appropriate value systems. Read more »

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Friday, 30th October 2020
Maths Day
Statement of Purpose

In our schools, girls and boys, women and men, share in the joy of learning together, developing mutual respect and understanding for each other. Co-educational schools, boys and girls working and learning together.

Adjudicators needed:
HICES Schools are seeking suitably experienced and qualified adjudicators for their extensive competition. With over 440 debates occurring in the preliminary rounds of the competition, help is needed. Contact the Chair of HICES Debating, Paul Teys, teysp@hvgs.nsw.edu.au if you would like to be involved.



HICES Co-educational Schools

HICES is a collegial group of Heads from more than 40 independent co-educational schools across NSW and the ACT representing over 32,000 students. The development of academic, cultural, sporting and spiritual growth in our students are important priorities for all HICES schools. HICES is unique in the Australian educational context, being the only association of heads of independent schools specifically representing co-educational schools. Our mission is to promote and advance independent co-education amongst member schools and the wider community.