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Held: Annually from March to September
Location: Online, Grand Final held at HICES School
For: All HICES Schools – Junior, Middle & Senior School teams
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From Thrisha | Year 7 | Debator 2022

My experience with HICES debating was very enjoyable and has been an amazing opportunity for me.   The HICES debating competition taught me many lessons that I will put to use throughout my life. One key lesson was how valuable teamwork is in order to collectively combine our strengths to create something truly astonishing and how even if we were faced with an esoteric topic, there are always different approaches we can use to succeed and make the situation advantageous. It also taught me how to take losses light-heartedly, how I can always put in more effort to apply myself, and how I can take courses of action to improve myself. Debating with HICES also helped me gain vital connections with my peers and teachers, as it ensured we all worked in a team and communicated together as equals. I remember on the day of the grand finale, when myself and my friends were all excited, anxious, and bubbling with anticipation, and how we were galvanised into action when the time came to read out our speeches. Win or no win, that is an experience that will never leave my memory.  

Debating » Debating
Debating » Debating

Open Championship Division
Finalists 2022

From Ms Wendy Hunt | Debating Co-ordinator | Scone Grammar School

SGS has been a part of HICES Debating for six years and over this time, the competition has instilled in our students many strong public speaking skills.  Debating is both a social sport and an intellectual challenge for the brain. SGS students love the competition so much, because not only does it allow them to make connections with others, but it provides a safe space to challenge ideas, see different perspectives on arguments and promote a greater sense of empathy in others. It has allowed our students to use their critical thinking skills, to see themselves contributing to our world on a wider scale.

SGS only enter a small percentage of teams compared to others, being a rural school. However, the dedication, pride and diligence the students dedicate towards the competition, speaks volumes about the feelings of joy, achievement and pride being part of an elite competition that HICES provides.

2020 onwards saw the introduction of virtual debates. Whilst this proved to be a challenging time for most, the debaters thrived and were still able to compete just as seriously through an online platform. The social skills, sense of understanding, and tolerance this has instilled in the students involved, has far outweighed any challenges online learning incurred.

Whilst 2022 saw a stellar season for our teams, at the end of the day, all the students voiced that participation was valued much more than the overall outcome. The feeling of being a part of a team and learning good sportsmanship, as well as hard work and dedication, all paid off in the end.