Collegiate groups

Collegiate networking groups within HICES

Heads of Schools

Contact person:
Raquel Charet
Head of School
Masada College

The Heads of Independent Co-Educational Schools meet each term.
The aims of our collaboration are:

  • To provide a professional support group and forum for members
  • To arrange activities and programs, which nurture the development of students of members’ schools in their academic performance, as well as in a range of co-curricular pursuits
  • To keep abreast of developments in co-educational theory and practice
  • To arrange opportunities for the professional development of members and the staff within our association

The HICES Deputy Heads network provides a network of professional and collegial support and offers professional development specific to the areas of need in this diverse field.

All Deputy Heads are welcome to attend.  There are four meetings per year, each hosted by various schools.

Deputy Heads Network

Contact person:
Scott Hazelton
Deputy Headmaster
Orange Anglican Grammar School

Pastoral Care

Contact person:
Liam Toland
Director of Pastoral Care
Wollondilly Anglican College

The HICES Pastoral Care network equips and supports Pastoral Care leaders, emerging leaders and staff working in student wellbeing.

The meetings provide a network of professional and collegial support, enhance the capacity of staff working in student wellbeing roles and offer professional development specific to the areas of need in this diverse field.

All Pastoral Care/Student Wellbeing Leaders, Heads of House, Year Co-ordinators are welcome to attend.  There are three meetings per year, each hosted by various schools.


At the HICES Educating For Sustainability Group it is our mission to be at the forefront in educating for ecological sustainability. 

The EfS Group builds & strengthens professional relationships through connection & collaboration and develops & delivers trail blazing programs that improve wellbeing & learning outcomes for our students. 

Together we strive to leverage our collective energy & resources for scalable outcomes across our schools & communities and to provide unique opportunities for our students that would not be possible in the context of one school alone.

We encourage representation across multiple faculties to enhance the depth of our collaborative learning and scope of outcomes. 

Our next meeting is on Tuesday 14 May 2024 via Zoom. 

Educating for Sustainability Collegiate Group

Contact person:
HICES Executive Officer
Executive Officer

Music Steering Committee

Contact person:
Cathy Jarman
Director of Music
St Paul's Grammar

The HICES Music Steering Committee facilitates HICES Music events and activities with a focus on the organisation of the 2023 HICES Music Festival. 

The Music Steering Committee is comprised of a team of 6 music educators from HICES schools who meet once per term. 

The Committee makes decisions regarding elements of the direction of and organisation for HICES Music Events, including the annual HICES Music Festival. 


The HICES Sports Convenors oversee all Junior School sporting arrangements for HICES schools that use HICES as a pathway to CIS.  In addition, they represent HICES on the CIS Management Committee.

Our Sports Convenors are passionate sports advocates and they do a fantastic job of ensuring the smooth organisation and operation of all our sporting carnivals, trials and gala days. 

HICES sporting pathways include swimming, cross country, athletics, football, soccer, netball and tennis.

Sport Convenors

Contact person:
Belinda McFadden
HICES Sports Convenor
James De Lyall
Macquarie Anglican Grammar School

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