Earthshot Prize

Our students are on a mission to repair our planet

HICES’ Earthshot Prize at a glance:

Held: In school throughout the year
Location:  In school | excursions & incursions with other HICES schools
For: Year 7 – 11.  See below for Stage 1, 2 & 3 information
Earthshot Camp: Held in November
More information: admin@hices.nsw.edu.au
Teachers: Please visit our Staff page for more information

The Earthshot Prize was founded by HRH Prince William and Sir David Attenborough in 2020.

It is the most prestigious global environment prize in history, designed to incentivise change and help repair our planet over the next ten years.

The HICES Earthshot Prize inspires our young people to join the mission of The Earthshot Prize by nurturing their innate creativity and channelling it towards solving our biggest environmental challenges.

HICES’ Earthshot Prize is unlocking the potential of the next generation of inventors, innovators & leaders. 

The HICES Earthshot Prize builds optimism and confidence in our students and is a collaborative space where they work together to design solutions to repair our planet.  At HICES, we call them ‘solutionaries’.


How does HICES' EARTHSHOT Prize work?

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The HICES Earthshot Prize is a three stage program: 

Stage 1: Years 7 & 8
An inter school coalition of students who, by bringing together a multitude of skills, collaborate, explore and develop solutions to solve the world’s greatest challenges.
Our Earthshot Camp is held at the end of each year and brings together students from all our schools to present and celebrate their solutions.

At Earthshot Camp, students will pitch their solutions to a panel of industry related expert judges (think ‘Shark Tank’) and a prize of $2000 will be awarded to winners in each of the 5 Earthshot categories.  Prize money, and industry mentoring, will enable students to scale their solutions.

Stage 2: Yrs 9 & 10
Our Earthshot Emerging Leaders Program is a natural pathway for Stage 1 solutionaries.   Emerging Leaders will mentor Stage 1 solutionaries at in-school Earthshot Clubs, at inter school Earthshot activities and at camp. Our Earthshot Emerging Leaders will in turn be mentored by industry leaders in their field of interest.

Stage 3: Yr 11 
Our solutionaries are rewarded with domestic and international study tours to be further inspired by visiting and seeing first hand how Earthshot Prize Winners around the world are restoring our planet.

So what exactly is a solutionary?

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  • A solutionary is someone who can identify inhumane, unsustainable, and unjust systems and then develop solutions so that people, animals, and the environment can thrive
  • A solutionary is someone who, instead of arguing about issues, seeks to work with others across divides to solve problems
  • A solutionary identifies all who are impacted by a problem and the systems that perpetuate it.  Once they understand the systems that create and support the problem, they devise a solution that is better for people, other species and the environment.