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Our HICES Deputies are an active, cohesive, supportive and committed group of leaders who meet each term for the purpose of shared learning and collegiality.

Spearheaded by Scott Hazelton, (Deputy, Orange Anglican Grammar School), this dynamic group enriches HICES enormously.

Here’s how Scott describes it:

If there’s one thing that’s true of the Deputy Principal’s role it’s that you need to be comfortable working in that small space that can be found between the rock, and the hard place. It gets easier with time, but there are certainly challenging situations, and sometimes challenging seasons that last a long time. One thing we don’t often do well is network. We get consumed by the minutia of the day-to-day tasks of a Deputy, and while we may sense there could be a better or more efficient way to do things, the space to think and strategise is often elusive.

The HICES Deputies network is a time I look forward to every term. It forces me to outsource the day-to-day and get alongside likeminded folk that I can learn from, be inspired by and draw encouragement from. The wisdom and collegiality of the group is deep and seasoned and I always come away inspired with ideas that I can adapt to my own context. Visiting other campuses, seeing other structures and sitting with other experts is exactly what we need to further ourselves and this is a network that delivers on all of that.

If you haven’t yet been to a HICES Deputies meeting I encourage you to plan to join us for the next one.

If you’d like more information, please contact me, or our HICES Executive Assistant.

Scott Hazelton | scott.hazelton@oags.nsw.edu.au

HICES Executive Assistant | admin@hices.nsw.edu.au