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2023 has been a busy sporting year. Thankfully we have not had any major weather interruptions that we encountered in 2022. The HICES Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics Carnivals all went well and teams were chosen to represent HICES at the CIS Championships. From the HICES teams competing at CIS Championships we had three students progress to NSWPSSA in Swimming and four in Cross Country and Athletics respectively.

In Term 1 we had a HICES Football trial to select a team to compete at the CIS Championships. Other trials where HICES teams were selected based on information received were Tennis, Netball and Basketball.

We also had a number of students trialling in various sports and HICES students were selected in the CIS Teams to compete at CIS in the following sports AFL, Boys and Girls Basketball, Girls Cricket, Boys and Girls Hockey, Rugby, Rugby League, GIrls Softball and Tennis.

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HICES Sports »