Subpod Superstars


When it comes to sustainable living, it’s never too early to begin educating kids about its importance! An engaging start point is to introduce them to composting. It’s a fun activity that gets them outside and teaches them about gardening and the food cycle, all while doing something good for the planet!

Schools around the world have really taken to the Subpod system for composting. Subpod can form the cornerstone of a school gardening project, helping kids learn skills and traits they’ll carry with them for the rest of their lives.


We have schools like Lindisfarne Grammar School in Northern New South Wales in Australia, who have set up a large school gardening project and composting system. They have an incredible 42 Subpods installed around their school grounds! Their students add food waste to them, harvest the compost and grow lush plants and vegetables…and flowers for Mothers’s Day.

Take a look at this video featuring Lindisfarne’s Tracy Foyster – SubPod Project Co-Ordinator and all-round sustainability champion.–