Lindisfarne Grammar

Leading the way in sustainability

HICES’ ongoing commitment to sustainability is driving some amazing initiatives in our schools.

Lindisfarne Grammar School are leading the way with incredibly dedicated staff and a huge ‘buy in’ from the students.

Lindisfarne are working towards becoming a more sustainable school with many programs focused on reducing our environmental footprint when it comes to waste generation and disposal, our water and energy usage as well as improving biodiversity on site.

Here’s just one of their fabulous programs.

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Waste free lunches:
“We want our students to be conscious of the part we can all play in making a more sustainable world and the actions that we can all take to help our planet. That this why we strongly encourage students to have waste free lunches at Lindisfarne.

Waste free lunches use reusable items instead of single-use plastic or other disposable items. Having a waste free lunch is fantastic for the environment as it reduces landfill and litter and saves natural resources. Waste free lunches are also fantastic for parents too! Packing waste free lunches for your kids will save you money as you no longer need to continually buy disposable plastic wrap and packaging for lunches.

Having a waste free lunch is really simple and easy. Plastics and disposable items can be replaced with more sustainable items that can be washed and reused again. This is great for the environment and ends up being cheaper for you. Please use the below table as a helpful guide to make your lunches waste-free”.

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